Best Seller Automate your busywork

Automate Your Busywork

Do Less, Achieve More, and Save Your Brain for the Big Stuff


Table of contents

  • CHAPTER 0Introduction - P1Read this chapter
    1. The Revolution Will Be Automated - P7
  • CHAPTER 1Automation Fundamentals - P13Read this chapter
    1. Identify Your Busywork, Define Your Meaningful Work - P14
    2. Trash Your To-Do Lists - P17
    3. Introducing the Automation Flywheel - P20
    1. DIVIDE: Learning the Power of Workflows - P30
    2. Master Your Workflows, Master Your Work - P32
    3. Workflow Candidates - P35
    4. Workflow Models - P36
    5. Workflow Elements - P38
    6. Sorting Out the Steps - P40
    7. CONQUER: Spotting and Plotting Workflows - P42
    8. Developing an Automation-First Mindset - P44
    9. Corralling Your Workflow Candidates - P48
    10. Plotting Your Workflows - P56
    1. DESIGN: The Power of Maps - P60
    2. Visualize Your Workflows - P61
    3. Workflow Design in Action - P66
    4. Two Design Tips - P71
    5. Breaking Down Complicated Workflows - P74
    6. Common Business Workflows - P78
    7. Choosing Workflow Software - P87
    8. Elements of a Good Workflow - P89
    9. IMPLEMENT: From Design to Deployment - P92
    10. Take It Step by Step - P94
    11. Start Where You Are - P95
    12. Consider the Cloud - P96
    13. Choose Recommended Products - P98
    14. Conduct a SWOT Analysis - P101
    1. REFINE: Measure What Matters - P105
    2. Establish Your KPIs - P106
    3. Prioritize Your KPIs - P107
    4. Apply Systems Thinking - P111
    5. Improve the Outcome, Not the Output - P113
    6. Scale Your Expectations - P115
    7. ITERATE: Test, Change, and Innovate - P117
    8. Tools and Techniques of Process Improvement - P117
    9. Continuous Improvement - P121
    10. Iteration and Innovation - P132
    11. A Final Note About New Solutions - P134
    1. Automate Your Memory - P138
    2. Automate Your Peace of Mind - P144
    3. Automate Your Communication - P150
    4. Automate Your Creativity - P157
    5. Automate Your Growth - P163
    6. Automate Your Happiness - P168
    1. Technology Review Platforms - P180
    2. To-Do Lists (Individuals and Teams) - P180
    3. Personal Development/Self-Management - P181
    4. Communication: Incoming - P183
    5. Communication: Outgoing - P186
    6. Alerts and Reminders - P188
    7. Meetings and Events - P189
    8. Managing People - P191
    9. HR Concerns - P193
    10. Money and Finances (Personal and Business) - P194
    11. Content Development and Information Management - P196
    12. Online Presence - P200
    13. Sales and Marketing - P204
    14. Order Fulfillment / Customer Service - P207
    15. Miscellaneous Management and Automation - P209
  • Notes - P213Read this chapter

Learn to automate your busywork and focus on what really matters

In Automate Your Busywork: Do Less, Achieve More, and Save Your Brain for the Big Stuff entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Jotform Aytekin Tank delivers a can’t-miss blueprint to help you make the most of your most precious asset: time. You’ll explore what’s possible when you offload repetitive tasks, why automation has democratized innovation, and how you can use cheap—or even completely free—no-code automation tools to transform your ability to focus on what truly matters in your business and life.

In the book, you’ll discover:

  • Why the future of business is no-code, and how you can use an automation-first mindset to unlock your productivity potential
  • How to move from busywork to less work, and finally to having the time you need to accomplish your most important work
  • How you can use delegation and automation to achieve “timefulness,” the state of having enough time

A must-read handbook for every entrepreneur, founder, business owner, and freelancer who just doesn’t have enough hours in the day, Automate Your Busywork will also earn a place in the libraries of managers, executives, and other business leaders looking to maximize their most valuable resource.

"Automate Your Busywork" In a Nutshell

In this brief video, Aytekin Tank tells the story of "Automate Your Busywork" and explains what led him to write this book.

Automate Your Busywork: Save Your Brain for the Big Stuff — Preorder Today!

Flywheel: Automation at the Center:

“The Flywheel starts turning when you realize you’ve fallen into a pit of busywork and you’re ready to climb out, and it proceeds in three stages: divide and conquer, design and implement, and refine and iterate.”


I'm a big believer in the mantra of "less but better." This is how you play the game on Easy Mode. Automate Your Busywork provides an actionable, tactical framework to help you get back more of what you value most––your time. If you're one of the millions of people that find yourself feeling like there are never enough hours in the day, this is the book for you.

Sahil Bloom

Sahil Bloom

Investor | Entrepreneur | Creator

Less but better is the name of the game these days and Automate Your Busywork will help you get there. By refocusing your time on what matters most and automating or delegating the rest, you'll be able to live a more fulfilling life while growing your business even faster. Who doesn't want that?

Nicholas Hutchison

Nicholas Hutchison

Founder of BookThinkers

I have rarely seen someone pursue one theme throughout their life as consistently as Aytekin Tank. The man lives and breathes automation. I wouldn't be surprised to find a few gears running through his veins — but if there were, they wouldn't have made him any less human. To the contrary: Aytekin is all about empowering humans with technology. If you listen to him and really hear his message, you'll soon find yourself with more time and peace of mind — and if those aren't themes worth pursuing, then what is?

Niklas Göke

Niklas Göke

Founder of Four Minute Books

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